“Special report on the memorandum signed between Artel and the Financial Institute on April 20.

A memorandum was signed between Artel and the Tashkent Financial Institute.

On April 20, Artel Electronics and the Tashkent Financial Institute signed a memorandum of cooperation to integrate science, education and industry. This cooperation between the higher education institution and the enterprise is the development and implementation of professional education programs aimed at developing promising areas of cooperation in the field of education, science, meeting the needs of the parties, the organization of internships and internships. and was organized to organize internships and employ graduates.

Today, young people face a number of challenges in finding employment, effectively working in their field and applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in higher education. This in itself does not meet the needs of human resources, as the integration of science, education and industry is not established in a number of areas. The creation of a systemic mechanism that connects them to the solution of these problems is a topical issue for higher education institutions and enterprises. The signing of a memorandum with the Tashkent Financial Institute and ARTEL, one of the leading enterprises of the country, to achieve the above goals in the educational process will allow students to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at the institute in practice. Under the memorandum, students will then have the opportunity to conduct internships directly in the company, with leading experts. Issues related to the internship and commercialization of professors and teachers of the institute, as well as the scientific experience required for the company, will be addressed.
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